Technical Program

Invited Speakers:

  • Philippe Lalanne

Laboratoire de photonique, numérique et nanoscience (LP2N), Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine, CNRS, France.


  • Nicolae C. Panoiu

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London, UK.


  • Jiri Ctyroky

Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Prague, Czech Republic.


  • Robert Halir

Photonics & RF research Lab. (UMA), Bionand Center for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology, Málaga, Spain.

  • Carsten Schuck

Institute of Physics, University of Münster, 48149 Münster, Germany  



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Thursday May 9th



"Bodega Bar El Pimpi", Calle Granada, 62

Friday May 10th

08.00h - 16.00h Registration
09.30h - 11.00h  RESONANT STRUCTURES
09.30h - 10.00h Invited Ultra-narrowband Bragg filters in subwavelength grating metamaterial waveguides
J. Čtyroký, P. Cheben, J. H. Schmid, S. Wang, D. Melati, D. Xu, S. Janz, J. Lapointe, J. G. Wangüemert-Pérez, Í. Molina-Fernández, A. Ortega-Moñux, R. Halir, P. Kwiecien, I. Richter
10.00h - 10.15h Regular An open rectangular dielectric optical cavity with unlimited Q
M. Hammer, L. Ebers, J. Förstner
10.15h - 10.45h Invited Rigorous modal analysis of photonic micro and nanoresonators
P. Lalanne, W. Yan
10.45h - 11.00h Regular Rigorous Quality Factor Calculation in Contemporary Optical Resonant Systems
T. Christopoulos, O. Tsilipakos, G. Sinatkas, E. E. Kriezis
11.00h - 11.30h Coffee break
11.30h - 12.30h PLASMONICS
11.15h - 11.45hh - 1 Invited Light emission in slow metallic waveguides: overcoming quenching
P. LalanneLunch
11.45h - 12.00h Regular Design of 3D Si/InSb nonreciprocal waveguiding structures with Magnetooptic Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis
P. Kwiecien, I. Richter, V. Kuzmiak, J. Čtyroký
12.00h - 12.15h Regular Experimental demonstration and numerical study of plasmon-soliton waves
G. Renversez, M. M. R. Elsawy, M. Chauvet, T. Kuriakose, T.
Halenkovic, V. Nazabal, P. P. Nemec
12.15h - 12.30h Regular Palladium Grating Assisted Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Hydrogen Sensor
A. Bijalwan, B. K. Singh, V. Rastogi
12.30h - 13.45h Lunch
13.45h - 15.15h THEORY AND MODELLING (I)
13.45h - 14.15h Invited Optical Pulse Dynamics in a Silicon Photonic Crystal Waveguide Coupled with a set of Photonic Crystal Optical Cavities
V. M. Fernandez Laguna, Q. Ren, and N. C. Panoiu
14.15h - 14.30h Regular First-order perturbation theory for material changes in the surrounding of open optical resonators
S. Both, T. Weiss
14.30h - 14.45h Regular Photonic crystal slab between orthogonal polarizers: details on the guided mode resonance wavelength
H. Lüder, M. Paulsen, M. Gerken
14.45h - 15.00h Regular Edge states in photonic lattices under periodic driving
J. Petráček, V. Kuzmiak
15.00h - 15.15h Regular Computing Resonant Modes of Circular Cylindrical Structures by Vertical Mode Expansions
H. Shi, Y. Y. Lu
15.15h - 15.45h Coffee break
15.45h - 17.00h THEORY AND MODELLING (II)
15.45h - 16.00h Regular Graphene on an optical waveguide - comparison of simulation approaches
J. Čtyroký, P. Kwiecien, J. Petráček, V. Kuzmiak, I. Richter
16.00h - 16.15h Regular Unidirectional vectorial eigenmode propagation for multiscale tapered waveguides in 3D
L. Ebers, M. Hammer, J. Philipp Höpker, T. Bartley, J. Förstner
16.15h - 16.30h Regular Modeling gain in Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped integrated dual-core waveguides
D. Benedicto, A. Días, J. A. Vallés, J. C. Martín, J. Solís
16.30h - 16.45h Regular Design Strategy for a Compact Broadband Directional Coupler Using Adiabatically Tapered Waveguides
N. Dhingra, E. K. Sharma

16.45h - 17.00h


Modal Simulation of a Three Lobes Plastic Optical Fiber Bending Sensor
D. Sartiano, D. Perez Galacho, F. Berghmans, T. Geernaert, S. Sales




Plaza de la Malagueta, 4


Saturday May 11th

09.30h - 11.00h GRATINGS
09.30h - 10.00h Invited Subwavelength grating: from basic physics to state-of-the-art devices
R. Halir, A. Sánchez-Postigo, J. M. Luque-González, A. Herrero-Bermello, J. Leuermann, A. Ortega-Moñux, J. G. Wangüemert-Pérez, A. V. Velasco, J. de-Oliva-Rubio, J. H. Schmid, P. Cheben, J. Soler Penadés, M. Nedeljkovic, G. Z. Mashanovich, Í. Molina-Fernández
10.00h - 10.15h Regular Quasi-total backward reflection with a CRIGF structure under oblique incidence
F. Renaud, A. Fehrembach, E. Popov, A. Monmayrant, O. Gauthier-Lafaye
10.15h - 10.30h Regular Controlling birefringence in silicon photonics SWG waveguides
J. M. Luque-González, A. Herrero-Bermello, A. Ortega-Moñux, Í. Molina-Fernández, A. V. Velasco, P. Cheben, J. H. Schmid, S. Wang, R. Halir
10.30h - 10.45h Regular Fast Fourier Factorization: A Powerful Tool for the Modelling of Non-Lamellar Metallic Gratings Compared to the C-Method
H. Mohamad, S. Es-Saidi, A. Morand, P. Benech, D. Macias, S. Blaize
10.45h - 11.00h Regular Simulation of diffuse scattering due to stochastic disturbances of 1D-gratings
M. Heusinger, D. Michaelis, T. Flügel-Paul, U. D. Zeitner
11.00h - 11.30h Coffee break
11.30h - 12.00h Invited Nanophotonic circuit components for integrated quantum technology
C. Schuck
12.00h - 12.15h Regular Design of a subwavelength grating metamaterial GRIN lens
J. M. Luque-González, R. Halir, J. de-Oliva-Rubio, J. G. Wangüemert-Pérez, P. Cheben, J. H. Schmid, Í. Molina-Fernández, A. Ortega-Moñux
12.15h - 12.30h Regular Simplified modeling of free-carrier based silicon modulators
D. Pérez-Galacho, D. Marris-Morini, S. Sales, E. Cassan, C. Baudot, F. Beouf, L. Vivien
12.30h - 12.45h Regular Efficient Floquet-Bloch analysis of electrically long quasi-periodic devices
A. Hadij-ElHouati, P. Cheben, A. Ortega-Moñux, J. G. Wangüemert-Pérez, R. Halir, J. H. Schmid, Í. Molina-Fernández
12.45h - 14.00h  Lunch
14.00h - 14.45h FIBER OPTICS
14.00h - 14.15h Regular Splitting of Picosecond Pulses Using Large Mode Area Dispersion Oscillating Fiber at 2.8 μm wavelength
M. Rehan, G.Kumar, V. Rastogi
14.15h - 14.30h Regular Analysis of Fiber Gratings using a Radial Bidirectional Method
R. Kumar, A. Sharma
14.30h - 14.45h Regular Optimization of Device Length in Photonic Lanterns using Shortcuts to Adiabaticity
S. Sunder, A. Sharma
14.45h Closing remarks