Oral Presentations

·    For oral presentations, a PC will be available in the lecture hall, running up-to-date versions of Microsoft Windows, MS-Office / PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Reader.

·    All authors are kindly asked to briefly contact their chairperson prior to their session and to upload their presentations to the computer. The PC drives a projector with 16:9 display aspect ratio.

·    Time slots of 15 min. are allocated for contributed talks, including 10 min. for the actual presentation plus 5 min. for discussion.

·    Invited speakers are asked to conclude their presentation after 20 min. and reserve the last 10 min. of their 30 min. time slots for questions from the audience.


Poster Presentations

·      Boards of at least A0-portrait size (width ≥ 85 cm, height ≥ 119 cm) will be available for the poster presentations.

·      Pins or respective adhesive material will be provided.